Best Dog Food for 2019

Dog is called the humans best friend. We all love to have a cuddly creature welcoming you, when you come to home. Pets create relaxation and were great relief from pressure. Bringing a dog into your family is a great choice and at the same time we need to keep up some personal care while adopting a dog. Do you know in Japan, Oracle Company adopts English Sheep dog in their office to relieve their employees from stress while in working hours.

Another interesting fact of dogs is, when you keep an eye to eye contact with dog and hormone Oxytocin (This hormone is associated with trust and bonding of a relationship) will be released.

Best dog food

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Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog FoodWellness CORE
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Advantages of having a Dog:

1) Stress Free: Having a dog can actually remove your stress because while seeing or playing with a dog your stress levels will automatically decreases and you can come back to normal/ tension free mind.

2) Safety: Dogs are best safety guards to your house; they keep an eye at night time to avoid robbery in your house. Generally dogs alert owner of the house when a new person arrived to your house with their barking nature. So you will always be protected.

3) Mental health Improved: Having dogs at home improves mental health by downsizing the risk of heart attacks. Your heart will be healthy if you spend some time with your pets

4) Love: You will surely experience love and joy when spending time with your pets. Dogs happiness doubles when you are at home. They are fun loving and consistently make us happy with their cure little things.

5) Dogs understand our Emotions: Dogs observe our body language and will be with us by playing in a cute way. When you are sad, it will come to us and sit behind us or sees our eyes with a big doe. At the time of angry, they keep up innocent face. Depending on our moods they swings and cuddle us.

6) Pamper Kids: If you have kids in your home then dogs will pamper them very carefully. Dogs play, sleep and cuddles with kids and make your kids feel happy every time.

7) Social Life will be improved: We need to take some care for dogs in hygiene as well as on the food habits of the dog. The food is the most common parameter we need to consider, we should feed them healthy food.

Some of the best Dog Food Reviews:

1) Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food:

It is made up of all natural food ingredients such as Soy, wheat, corn, Meat which gives essential nutrients to the body. Improves Skin, hair, Immune System, Energy with this food. Tried different dog foods but my dog just loves this food and cleans the bowl with happy. I recommend this dog food to all dogs and will buy large portions from my doggy so it won’t make me disappointed when stock is out.

2) Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food:

High protein food which keeps dogs healthy and energetic. I have been feeding this food for my dog from past 2 years and was very much satisfied. My dog digests this food very easily. It contains all essential Amino acids, Vitamins and Minerals that makes your dog healthy and improves immune system.

Having a dog in our family free us from mental stress and keeps us happy. If we are happy then we can able to complete all our routine and complex works without any stress. There is no question of feeling lonely if we have dogs as they will always care and love us.

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