Best Game Controllers

Game controller is a device used to play games in a computer or in TV. It can be connected both with a wire or wireless to our PC or TV. With control buttons of Up, Down, Right, Left are used to finish up a game. The game controllers changed a lot from its first invention, now you can find out more comfortable devices to play games without any hassle.

Game controller devices include keyboards, joysticks, mice and many more. Lets discuss in deep on the variant of game controllers available.

Best Gaming Controller

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1) Gamepad:

These are also called as Classic Controllers because these game pads can be controlled with thumbs and fingers. It has several buttons to control the game and play as required. The most liked parameter of Game pads is, they are user-friendly.

2) Joysticks:

Most of the games are still designed for Joystick. The joystick has handheld stick with control buttons and these are used mostly for fighting related games. Some of the Joysticks are designed in such a way that, with right hand you can finish up the game.

3) Paddle:

Earlier paddle devices were available but now-a-days these were not available due to the drop of Paddle related games. This device similarly looks like a wheel with fire buttons.

4) Steering Wheel:

It resembles Steering of a car; these are more comfortably designed with motion sensing technology. It is most widely used for racing games. You can find out control/action button to enjoy gaming along with the wheel.

5) Gun:

 It looks like a toy gun designed especially for shooting type of games. This gun is also called as Light Shooter. It operates same like a normal Gun. Just point out the target on the screen and pull the trigger. Earlier through light sensing technology you can focus on a point but the current Gun were build up with motion technology.

6) Yokes:

These are similar to Steering Wheel but it consists of two axes for rotation movement and for moving back-forward. It is designed for fighting related games.

7) Keyboard and Mouse:

As everyone is aware through Keyboard and Mouse one can enjoy games just by knowing the control options in the keyboard. In keyboard Up, Down, Left, Right and space buttons act as control buttons where as through mouse you can play with comfort and speed. Depending on the type of the game Keyboard and Mouse are used.

8) Touch Screen:

Mainly we can use touch motion in Smartphone’s and tablets. The game would recognize the finger touch on the display screen in order to proceed with the game.

9) Motion Controller:

These works with a motion sensing and it works without wire just by utilizing the motion sensor. They were used mostly for Management such as Health, Fitness, and action, Drawing and creative games.

Depending on the game, we need to choose the best gaming controller. The Classic controller and modern controllers helps us in playing the game in a much easier way. Most of the children would prefer keyboard and mouse for playing games due to the vast use of PC and Laptops. For each category of games such as racing, arcade, Stimulation, fighting different gaming consoles were used. So depending on the interest of the player it is good to chose out the best gaming controller. In market, various companies are designing the gaming controllers to help users to enjoy games. Choose the best and enjoy your gaming experience.

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