Best Motherboards

It is the foundation base for a computer and found at the bottom of the computer base. It helps in the allocation of the power to other components such as CPU, RAM and also it allows all hardware other components to communicate with each other freely.

Best Motherboards

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A motherboard is also known by different names like, logic board, system board, planar unit and many more. The first Mother Board was used n the year 1981 by IBM personal computer. I that period they refereed as planar, instead of mother board. The basic internal structure of Mother Board is as follows:-

  1. Micro processors
  2. Co – processor ( if required)
  3. Basic Input & Out put
  4. Memory Unit
  5. Expansion Slot
  6. Interconnecting Circuit
  7. Bus
  8. Cache Memory
  9. Chip set

There are many more other components are indulge in mother boards as it the main unit in computer helps it to function properly. Today, there are latest computers are obtainable in the market so mother boards are also becoming important to pick with multi tasked feature. It is the vital part of computer device which perform multi task at a time.

Types of Motherboards:-

  1. AT Motherboard – Here AT stands for Advance Technology, This is big enough unable to fit in of mini desktops. In this type of motherboard use 6 kind of plug connecter, one which is limited to outside and rest 5 pin connector for keyboard. It is quite difficult for new installation for power connector sockets which is quite important to remember otherwise it may harm your device.
  2. ATX Motherboard- ATX stands for Advance Technology Extended, are the powerful demanded motherboard launched by Intel in the mid 90’s. It is one step further from At Motherboard due to its advance feature and functions capabilities. It is power saving mode device which hold 3.3 volt and also involves less circuitry in the power conservation process. An ATX motherboards use 20 pin plugs for its power functions, which allows you to do multitask at a time.
  3. LPX Motherboard- It is called as Low Profile Extension motherboards, in this the input & output plug ports are presented at the back of the system. This concept helps in the invention of newer version of AT Motherboard, and used by them which is become quite popular.
  4. BTX Motherboard – It is known as Balanced Technology Extended motherboards, which is developed to avoid some of latest issues which arise while using newest technology. It helps latest technology to conserve power, because latest technology uses more electricity and generate more heat also.

What are the benefits of using quality Motherboards?

Motherboard is an essential part of your computer, so choosing a right one for your device is important. The good branded and authorized motherboard will enhance your computer performance. They will offer you better feature and affects the speed of the computer performance too. It is always advisable to go for good quality motherboards for your computer to get good results from it.

At last, it is important to look all the relevant factors before buying your computer, all these tips will help you to get a good device at your affordable price.

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