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A processor is a vital chip that follows all the instructions like adding, subtracting, multiple and dividing and analysis the data flow etc. It is an important tool of a computer, it is also known by Central Processing Unit (CPU), considered as brain of a computer device.


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The Basic Processor Structure:

The processor is based on 8th small bit microprocessor. It has various components, which help to run the computer processor.

  1. ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) – It follow the input instruction and generate the output result such as add, sub, multiple etc
  2. Register file- It helps in storing all the files at temporary location
  3. Instruction Register- All the files stored here safely
  4. Control Unit- It performs all the operation and execute them to the next level
  5. Clock- It helps to determine the time for loading information and process them precisely
  6. Memory Address Register- It helps in loading the information and stored into main memory stream.
  7. Address Bus- It transfer all kind of address to memory
  8. Data Bus – It hold the data from processor and memory
  9. Multiplexes bus – high performance

At present selecting a good computer processor is not an easy task, it requires good knowledge to purchase the best one. So while choosing the best one tip need to be remembered as:

Quality Based: As per your budget choose the best recent quality one for your computer. It may cost you little high but it is worth to spend to get good quality performance.

Pick a superior Model – It is fair enough to choose a recent model to avoid upgrading them time to time.

Compatibility- Always check compatibility status before buying it. It helps you to get a better one for your computer device and provide you a better result all time.

There are varieties of processor are available in the market, but namely two basic types are more demanded for their better high speed performance and excellent output results:

  1. Intel Computer Processor – One of the finest processor in the market with multi core approach, which enables us to perform our task in a better way. The multi core processor holds more than one micro processor and helps to perform their task excellently.
  2. AMD Processor – It is one of the best processor and made up with advance micro device unit.AMD Processor delivers the best output result with its high performance compatibility. They are well known brand in the computer industry, they offers various models as per your choice, demand and budget.

Whether you are buying desktop, PC or Laptop doesn’t matter, the thing which is more significant is the processor which you are buying for your device. There are many advantage of buying a good processor for your device:

  1. High Speed performance
  2. Capable of doing multitask
  3. Power saving function
  4. Capability of over clocking
  5. Help in fast calculation
  6. A dynamic device – brain of a computer

As we discussed above, buying a good computer processor require to understand its feature of performance and good budget. This information will help you to choose a processor as per your requirements and device need.

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