Best Refrigerators Reviews

We all know, Refrigerator is used to store vegetables, fruits, dietary products such as Milk, Curd and many more. Earlier we used to store in Ice boxes, but technology advancement made the storage process easy. Upon several companies came into existence by offering with advanced technology refrigerators.

Many people used to drink cool water especially in summers. Having a refrigerator prevent the bacteria growth on food.

Types of Refrigerators:

1. Top Freezer
2. Bottom Freezer
3. Side-By-Side
4. French Door
5. Counter Depth
6. Compact Freezer
7. Freezer less
8. Wine& Beverage Coolers

Benefits of Freezers:

1. Milk, fruits, vegetables, Ice-cream, Fish, Meat Items can be stored and can use whenever needed. Mainly used for storage purpose.

2. Refrigerators build Ice cubes, which can be used in drinks for chilling purpose.

3. You can save transportation and time if we bring all the items at once which are needed and store them in Fridges.

4. You can also prepare dishes and keep them for storage which can used after heating. Many leftovers can be used for further usage.

Care: to be taken for Refrigerators:

1. Foods should be separately wrapped and kept for storage.
2. Cooked food should be kept in higher rack and raw food can be stored in lower rack.
3. The food we stored in refrigerators need to be cooked at 75 degrees or above
4. Avoid overstocking
5. Clean refrigerators on regular basis
6. Clean the coils at least once in a year
7. Maintain air circulation between wall and refrigerator
8. Check the temperature to remain between 35 to 38 degrees.
9. Manually defrost Ice when ice becomes 1/4th inch thick

Some of the best refrigerators in Market:

1) RCA – IGLOO 3.2 CU FT Platinum Fridge:

The product is beautifully designed which perfectly fits small rooms, kitchen or playroom. The weight is 47 pounds with 19 x 18 x 33 inches. Even though the freezer is tiny, it has space for ice cubes. I am so happy with color and the product. The food I stored is in good position as per the temperature set. I highly recommend this product if you want a small sized fridges that fit into your office space or small room.

2) Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center:

It is a perfect fridge who want to store Sodas, cans and beverages. After a through research on mini fridges I brought this Danby, I was really happy with my purchase as it completely do its work without any problem. Weighs 68.9 pounds and 19.8 x 17.9 x 33.7 inches. The cooling is automatic with 3 racks to fill up drinks. The outer body is stainless coating with black color. The compressor sound will be heard when we on the freezer but the fan in operates silently without any noise. This is a perfect storage for your needs.

Freezers come up with unique specifications, the features will be changed from brand to brand but all the common factor is cooling sensation. Depending on your need you can choose small, medium or large freezers. Also these freezers available in various colors. Choose the best for your purpose.

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