Top 5 Tablets in 2019

Technology advancement made everyone’s life easy and simple. Charles Babbage invented computers and he is called as Father of Computer. From then onward, the existence of computers rolled into human life. Computer helped humans a lot like sourcing out the information, structuring data and many more things. The era has started from computer to Laptops and then to tablets. While we move from one place to another on job purpose or vacation we can’t take computers with us, so for our easy handling and carrying Tablets came into existence.

In market, various tablets being launched from time to time. Before going to buy a tablet it is better to know the usage or benefits included.

Best tablets

Apple iPad 2  TabletApple iPad 2 MC981LL/A Tablet Check it out
Apple iPad with Retina DisplayApple iPad with Retina Display Check it out
71CgRbIhIIL._SL1500_Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Check it out
Fire  BlackFire, 7" DisplayCheck it out

Benefits of Tablets:

  1. The foremost benefit of tablet is lightweight. Due to lightweight, carrying is hassle free.
  2. Easily fit into your backpacks, brief cases, handbags because of the screen size.
  3. Easy to share presentations when you are in a meeting. You can draft the presentation in tablet and use it for meeting.
  4. Browsing is so easy, so you can know your needed/favorite stuff when required.
  5. When you feel bored on a bus or train journey you can play games if you have tablet
  6. You can add up apps through App store same like Smartphone usage
  7. You can use tablet as an external storage
  8. Some tablets offer good picture quality, so you can take pictures where ever you go.
  9. GPS navigation system helps in finding out road map when you are not aware of the address or route.
  10. Records videos and audios

Reviews of Best Tablets:

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab 4:

Samsung is the best brand available in the market. Galaxy tab 4 is thin and lightweight; basically it is an android version so you can enjoy all the features a Smartphone provides. You can download unlimited apps from Google Play store. Tab 4 comes up with 7 inch display so it is easy for browsing and you can read favorite books online. Playing games is lot more fun. Unlimited storage capacity where you will get 32 GB available through micro-slot and additional 50 GB storage space from Drop box. Front and back cameras but with less Mega Pixel. I was overall happy with 7 inch Samsung Galaxy tab. If you want a stylish tablet with good specifications Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is the best choice.

2) Apple iPad 2 Tablet:

Everyone loves to have an iPad in their hands. Before I brought up iPad, I reviewed many sites to find out which one is the best buy and most of the positive reviews reflect to iPad 2. So I purchased from Amazon and to my surprise it is really awesome. You can connect Wi-Fi where ever you go if there is a public network available. It comes up with 9.7 inch screen which is easy for browsing and watching videos, Video chat. Depending on the model the storage varies from 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Many apps available for gaming.

So if you are a frequent traveler and looking for a lighter computing device then tablet is the best choice for your needs. You can easily browse; use social accounts, read books, use apps and many more by keeping a tablet in your handy instead of going for a laptop or PC. Tablets are fun and easy to use devices.

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